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I knelt, and I said, see, you can slap my face when I look up at you, spit on me as well. The silhouette so formed irresistibly called to mind the establishments of one Mr. Here another variant on the box-tie is used as the basis of a balltie. Sorry to have missed the chat. Hence we do not give this particular configuration a title of its own; we would rather describe it by its components: Lying on side, arms in box. Kneel down resting on your calves. The bondage is finished off by two rope wraps which keep her in a kneeling position, which are anchored by a single rope slipper on one foo. On command the slave turns away from the crowd and assumes the same position in order to show her back side. The Japanese form shown here is a useful variation on the basic hogtie theme, exchanging a rope from ankles to the one around the upper body following the basic layout of the box tie for the rope between wrists and ankles traditionally used to achieve a similar posture in the Western hogtie.

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The appellation applied to this position is two-fold. The strappado was and is used as a real-world torture and mutilation and we are therefore reluctant to use the term, but it is so widespread that it is unavoidable. As always with suspensions, we had to adjust the tension of some of the ropes going up to the suspension bar to get the desired look and distribution of weight between the different rope bands. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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And I felt like a sort of lovely decorated sculpture once the tie was finished. We should caution that anyone relying on this method with slippery artificial rope like nylon is inviting a slithering mess of snakes sliding down rather than an elegant ladder climbing up! Whilst not being functional as a restriction in its own right, the rope web does provide anchorage for any number of other attachments, and is very ornamental and pleasant to look at.

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Once again, we permit our test subject to declaim in her addendum the reasons for the nomenclature attached to this position. It has to be up to the Master to decide. Simple as this…. A slave should be ready before the command is issued.

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It is possible to produce the same tortoise-shell effect down the legs as well, proceeding in a similar manner to the way the tie is rigged on the body and producing a visually pleasing neatness and continuity. It is frequently used as a training aid, and is invaluable in slowing the slavegirl down to ensure that she take proper care and exercise due attention to her chores. Often used if the Master wishes to engage in conversation while walking with his slave. As with all positions where hands are raised above the head, the position should not be maintained for too long to avoid circulation problems and possible fainting. This is just one of the dozens of variant chair ties that can be employed. I have much to look forward to thanks to LK and Mr. The crotchrope is not attached to the rest of the bondage and serves primarily as decoration and titillation.

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Thank you for the pics to go with the positions LK. She can only change positions when her Master gives her an additional command to do so. This can be partially addressed by front-back cinches or additional horizontal rope bands, but this starts to lose the decorative simplicity of the karada style construction.

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Much prettier, I thought. Strip for Him and give Him lap dances At home with others present: A slave will receive visitors at the door with whatever clothing the Master or Mistress commanded. A Master determines the slave positions for a slave that suit his personal needs.

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